So yes.
The new semester is here.
Right now, class has been reduced to a mere 14 people out if which,usually 9-11 show up.
It's boring.
We are all couped up in the same room for the WHOLE term.
Because it's the only room with the shittiest internet in the world (but still supposedly one of the best in the campus).

I really didn't talk much about my recent trip.

Well maybe cause I've been on so many this year, the laziness is seeping into me.
I felt quite happy there.Like I've lived there for a long time.I felt like I fitted in so well except for language and color.

You know people always say Hong Kees are loud, rude and arrogant.
Not really true except for the older uncles and aunties around.
Met alot of great people there, who were our classmates for awhile.
The fun we had, it's just indescribable.

I don't want to talk about food.
It's all in Facebook.

I could also safely say,Singapore has copied Hong Kong.Alot.In so many ways and things.
And ITE has alot to improve on to rival Hong Kong's IVE.

All in all, this trip was just AWEsome.

Next, Thailand and Desaru!

So now, my life revolves PICs, circuits, C programming, data sheets and uncomprehending hardware and software.
All of which I don't really want to spend the rest of my life doing.
I will DIE!

Dear Lord,please help me with this.
I can't stand looking at circuits and cables and wires all my life.
I would be seeing you earlier if I do.

The only thing I look forward for in school is the comfort food.

And yay! Leonard gave me some Mocha Snowskin Mooncakes!

Well then,it's back to normalcy for awhile.
And making more money.

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