On my last week of the exchange.
I have enjoyed myself so much here.
But I just feel so drained physically,mentally and spiritually.
Running around the streets of Mong Kok, bargaining at Ladies Street,rushing for the MTR,enjoying the wonderful lights and skyscrapers and the peaks and valleys and all those neon lights..gosh those neon lights!

Been surviving on a budget,because I put it on myself.
I would rather forgo food to get my materialistic needs.
But sadly,I can't come back with bags overflowing.
In fact,I think as compared to previous trips,I just have more photos than goodies!
I did buy moon cakes for my mama though!

I miss my family.
I miss my fishes,hamster and my room.
I miss my wonderful church mates.
I miss my classmates.
But not at the point of homesickness yet.

I kinda do love it here.
The hecticness combined with the slowness of life itself is so appeasing.

Well,I got 3 more days to enjoy this place while it lasts.
Good things rarely come twice.

I wonder what's wrong with my flooble.
Looks like when I get back I'm gonna have to do blog control.

I got nothing more to describe how I'm feeling right now.
I'm sitting in a class now having a lecturer teaching Adobe Premiere and babbling away in cantonese.


I somehow don't want to leave. If only everything was paid for.

And I love this song.

I actually dont wanna leave.

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