Been such a busy weekend.

I didn't rush to school today.
I didn't even go.

I was just so tired about going.
Had this bad headache and horrible throat.

I woke up at around 130 pm.
And spent the next hour looking at my fishes.
I never realized how much I missed them.

All right.Let's get on with business.

On friday after class went to Mythu.

That stupid girl,I was just about to give her a slap when I reached the bed.
But someone stopped me!
Anyways,she's fine.

Okay,now I am so irritated with this thing Tan Tock Seng has.
(I don't know about other hospitals)

I know H1N1 is contagious and all that shit.
But this is just plain stupid.
We queue up for so long.
They see our ICs and then after all that,THEY DON'T TAKE YOUR TEMPERATURE!?
What's the point.

And what,only 4 visitors at a time?
That's just plain stupid.

And such irritated staff?
What happened to all that good service thing Singapore is trying to portray?!

This is how it goes.

5 of us went there.
We split.
3 of them went to another counter with this old lady with a very irritated "I don't give a shit about you" on her wrinkly face.
While me and another went to this nice young girl.
See the contrast?

Ok,we had our details and everything done in like 5 minutes.
Then we went over to the others.
That lady was just so irritating.
She took like 15 minutes!?
Take down phone number, this and that ( which we weren't asked).
Then after all that,she say only 2 of them can go!
And refused to give a person a sticker.
We all looked at each other and then asked her how about the person left out?
She didn't even care.
Waste peoples time.

I have no idea why Tan Tock Seng still have this thing for.
Well I wasn't the only one.
While we were there, there were two occasions of visitors giving them a piece of their mind.
Which is wonderful.
But pointless in a country like Singapore.

Well on Saturday, it was Priya's birthday chalet!

We had such a great time!
But I really wanted to go in OCH.
Almost did, until someone chicken out and just run!

And on Sunday went to cousin's place for lunch!
And I finally got to meet my "nephew".


So is their dog too!

And then dinner at Vittles with church mates!

I am now on a rampage to finish up all those Vittles coupons!
And this week is going to be Vittles week!

I've been wearing my cap out EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME.
If you haven't noticed.

I really can't wait for that rebond.

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