Smile la

I finally took the effort to blog.

I have been working for every single week day.
Hence my absence from the world wide web.
Very tiring.
And this comes to the part of not giving up when the bloody going gets tough yeah.

So,I'll be going Hong Kong in September.
My adviser is like so sure that I am going.
I didn't want to go,and for the first time I cordially declined an invitation to go overseas (for free).
But my adviser being so insistent on me going,even called my parents.
So yes,now I'm going Hong Kong.
There's alot of reasons why I don't wanna go.

1.Money.Going overseas always results in spending money.Usually alot.The shopping,the eating.And I'm already short on the cash flow.That sucks.

2.If I go,I might not be able to go for attachment.Because the only one available for me is a 12 week one and it starts on the day I fly there.If they refuse to accept me for a week less,I got no attachment! And I don't want to do PROJECT!

3.I will be celebrating my birthday there..with my teacher and people I don't know.That sucks even more!

Let's just hope everything turns out fine and dandy.

Life is now going on a monotone pace.
Which can't even rival BORING.
Class,work,work again.
It drains me.
By Friday I am just dead.
Thank God for cell group and church.

Talking about revitalizing,Benjamin gave me this aquarium lighting like a month or so back?
I was using a plain yellow lamp (with actually no use at all for plants) from Ikea.
Want to see the difference?

See the circled plants.

In just over a month man!
The one in the middle is just spectacular isn't it.

Oh and something that got me angry over the weekend.
Have you seen that advertisement for KFC's Bandito Pocket?
I'm not the type for falling over commercials.
I do have the strong belief that if something can be advertised so much,it's not worth it.Because it's just using money to get it's fame.
Some logic.
Anyways,I got carried away with the Bandito buddy meal which cost 10 bucks and 2 pieces of chicken and 2 sides each (being the forever saving but wants the best offer kind).
So I shared with Jovina.
And seeing the ad on TV,I thought it wouldn't be so bad,given the fact that I have never eaten a Bandito ever since my two year arrival in Singapore (I know shocking).
Well let me first show you the ad yeah?

It looked so good right?

Cheat my feelings and my money.
It tasted disgusting.
The veggies were all practically dead.Really dead as in limp,pale and black at the edges.
Two sauces? It was all one bloody smudged up mess.
Really,it was very bad.
So,I recommend people not to eat it.
Othniel is always nice and very complimentary,but this made Othniel very pissed.

Anyways,Othniel has decided to go on a very healthy diet for now.
Check my salad! With my special kick ass dressing I made!
And exercise more.
I love jogging.
Expecially at night.
It's peaceful and quiet and you got the whole longshot to yourself!
And a nice way to sing too!

So people in Yishun,if you suddenly hear someone badly singing Hillsongs or whatever at around 10pm and running around don't be scared!
It just me!

And just so you know,I love you all from the bottom of my heart!

Coincidence is just God's way of being anonymous.
-Anonymous as quoted by Tan Hui Ling.

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