I'm back!
Self-quarantined for a week!
(But I would love Aloha though..)

So this has been a very fulfilling year yeah?
China and then Thailand..
Both being on two separate different spectrums.

China was fun.
Just plain fun and enjoyable.

But Thailand was different.
It was intense and life-changing.
For me that is.
I had to keep reminding myself it was a mission trip.
Mission trip.

So about Thailand...
We were in Bangkok the entire time.
We were supposed to go to a village called Nobo.
But due to border-conflict and safety circumstances,we didn't get to go.

How life-changing this was for me?
It's something personal, but boy is it going to change me.
I am blessed to have gone on this trip.
Really blessed.
I won't say anymore,but I would say I am now a better Christian!

So about Thailand again..
It was such a great thing to happen!
Especially at a time like now.
Stressed with school and all those projects and such.
It was just so good to just get away from crazy Singapore!

Bangkok was awesome!
Everything from the people to the food!
Ohh the food!
I ate everything I set out to eat from my previous post!
Apparently the method for harvesting the bugs were by using insecticides,so they were BANNED!
But I fell in love with two (besides the tons of others I had).

Pork trotters and (thai version) Chendol and Red Ruby!

Their trotters were oh so heavenly!
They melt in your mouth and let's just forget about all those damn fats.

And the thing about their desert there,it's just so fascinating.
They lay everything out,from usuals like chendol,red beans to great stuff like chestnuts,coconut and some stuff which look so good you just had to have it! (Even though you have no idea what it is)
Choose at much as you want,then cover it in coconut milk,syrup and ice!

Which comes to another chapter because I HAVE put on ALOT of weight!

This trip reminded me so much of India.
The missions and all that.
I felt so at home there.

I loved this vehicle!
It's like the thai official cool van!
It's so classy and so comfortable man!
And so easily accessorisable!

Everything there was just a pleasent change.
I am surprised how modern it is too!
Their BTS (MRT) is so cool yeah!
And gosh,shopping there can KILL you!

If you are a crazy shopaholic,don't go there....

(Well,I did)
Well,it was just refreshing to wake up there in the morning..and queue up for toilets!

And not to mention I got to know my church mates and new church family better!

I am going to miss Bangkok.
The journey back flooded me with the exact same feelings I had when I left India.

Life goes on..
And I'm afraid missions won't be far away from mine!
And yes,I am going to pray more!
I have grown on this trip.
And this trip has given me more peace.

So I am off to conqueor the world!
With a new me!

After my 7 day quarantine is up..

So sad to come back and hear their deaths.

PS: More pics on Facebook!

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