I just spent the starting of my holidays watching the entire 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother!

And about those projects,none of them are complete!
(Somewhere around there).
I know this may come off as very unprofessional, and very incompetent and totally immature.I don't really care.
I think this comes to a point where I am thinking that I can't DO everything.
And it's more of a slap in my face that I should stop saying yes to everything.
And yes,I do feel terrible about it.
But we learn yeah?!

But I really hated doing these projects.
I just hated it.
The amount of time spent on them were just wasteful.
Because at the end of the day,and trust me I know what I am saying,I really actually learned nothing in the end.
So many outings rejected,so many meetings canceled.
All for nothing!

Plus my neglect over so many things important in my life!

All my goldfish are on the verge of death!
And I didn't even know!
I was just so caught up in completing those damn projects plus all that tests and extra-modules that I totally neglected them!
I just feed,see that they eat,and assume everything is fine!
How can I let this happen!?
I really hate myself for this,though it is stupid and immature of me to blame "projects blabla" for this,they do have a part to play in this in a very serious position because that was the only thing on my mind.

I've neglected my own school work.

I've neglected this blog!

I'm just very angry right now.
All these factors are affecting me.
The fact that I said yes to every one of them.
My incompetence to complete any of them,which results in late submission for some and well, bye bye to second round for another.
And how I wasn't capable enough to handle all of it and be so stupid as to let something like that happen to my fishes.
I'm just angry.
Just pissed with myself.

Just letting it all out people,nothing to worry about.

I could say this recent semester was a tough one.

The modules are getting tougher,the projects are getting higher,the teachers are getting more demanding and we,the students are getting lazier.

It's just life actually,during the first few semester everyone is all so "ON" to come to school.Always on time,eager to listen blabla...always having fun with your new classmates and everyone just loved everyone.
I remember when I used to be late,I would rush like wild fire from my room to the bus stop.

NOW,everyone is like so dead coming to school.
After a year of misunderstandings,fights, and well actually knowing who people really are, going to school to be with some people isn't a motivation to get you out of bed.
Nobody cares about results or tests or grades anymore.
NOW,when I am late,I don't even care.I just take my time.
It's scary you know.
It's so different now.
Everything is different.
Priorities are so different.
The class is different too.
So many misunderstandings.So much barriers.
It sucks.


I sent Bullet and Jackie back home yesterday.
They were with me since Wednesday.
The house is awfully quiet now.
And it is so lonely!
Seriously,there is this like eerie sense of loneliness.
Nobody to climb on your lap and play fetch!

And by the way,I'm going Thailand on Thursday!
Cool yeah!

Okay,I'm off to put what's left of my life back together.

And I just love this picture! So model-esque!

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