Gaijin had High Tea.

Those who know will know, that I love food.
You fill my belly and I'm all yours.
Or so to speak.

So with that being said, I would usually incline to the more value for my buck side of me. 
If a main course costs the same as a buffet, then you know where my true alligience lies.

So obviously when it comes to stuff like High Teas and all that, I most of the time would never indulge myself in such frivolous things that burns a hole in my pocket for a few pastries and sandwiches no matter how delicious or meticulous they may be.
I mean they don't fill me up and it ain't cheap you know what I am saying? 

Well, I have broken my High Tea virginity.
And plus, it was on offer so why not?
Cheapo Othniel.

The High Tea was from Tablescape at M√∂venpick Heritage Hotel at Sentosa. 
Quite a distance but, well it's not everyday right?

Wonderful decor and extremely aesthetically pleasing.
Winner of  both the Travel Asia Award and the World Luxury Hotel Award for the year 2014 mind you.

Me, as usual, forever the over compulsive. Nice backdrop though.

Plants Decor

Plants Decor

Plants Decor
I'm sorry, but I'm a real sucker for plants and foliage.
I always assumed one would never ever get your belly filled with a tiny tower full of morsels.
I just never got myself to latch on to the idea of paying so much and eating so little.

Well, to start it off, you get to have a choice of Coffee, Tea or Fruit Juice.

My dining companion and I got the Coffee and Tea respectively.
(Cause it's the only two options that had refills...teehee).
Look, we both thought we wouldn't get filled up on the food so we figured well, drown ourselves with the refills.
Logic ain't it?

All Teas were TWG, so you got a wide selection to choose from.
The Coffee was freshly brewed but not very strong which was kind of a let down.

And then the mighty tower arrives.

We decided to slowly chow down the food one piece at a time.
You know, to get ourselves fuller?

First, the Smoked Salmon and Prawn Open-Faced Sandwiches.
It was the first bites we had, and it was good.
I love sourdough bread, so it was a good start.

Smoked Salmon and Prawn Open-Faced Sandwiches

Smoked Salmon and Prawn Open-Faced Sandwiches

Prawn Open-Faced Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Open-Faced Sandwich
The Caviar and Roes on the sandwiches gave them a really decadent touch,
Made me feel all rich and royal and everything.
Next, were the Humus and Cucumber Sandwiches and the Beef Pastrami and Egg Mayo Sandwiches.

Humus and Cucumber Sandwich

Beef Pastrami and Egg Mayo Sandwich
The Beef  Pastrami was really good shit.
Real good.
We decided to do the finish all the savory stuff before heading to the sweets.
So next in line was the Baked Mushroom Quiche.
Baked Mushroom Quiche
Flaky and Fluffy at the same time with loads of mushrooms.
Then it was time for the sweet tooth to take over.

The ones that stood out for me were the Lychee Meringue Tarts and the Forest Berry Financiers.

Lychee Meringue Tart
So delectable, bursting with decadence and richness.
Forest Berry Financier
As compared with the Tart, it was so light and refreshing it made such a joy to devour.
Pretty to look at too huh.
The Scones were a good stand out too, served with two types of jams and sweetened cream.
Unlike some scones you get, where they're dry and too crumbly or others too moist, this was just perfect.
Crispy on the outside yet so moist on the inside.
Glad there was two for the both of us.


The Pineapple Pistachio Tart.

Pineapple Pistachio Tart

Well, not really sure what to say about this one.
It was good, well, but it was tiny.
Having it in a bigger portion would let the flavours really shine and stick in my opinion.

The Chocolate Truffle Cake.
Well, you can never go wrong with this,
The Candied Walnut was a wonderful touch though.
But oh well, hungry me decided to forget all about taking a picture of this rich decadence.
However, you could see it in the backgound of the picture of the Cream Puff though. 

And lastly, the Cream Puff.
Cream Puff
Do you see the Chocolate Truffle Cake behind it?
But yes, the Cream Puff is pretty too.
Well, its a Cream Puff.
It's better obviously from what we Singaporeans usually get. but well, its still a Cream Puff.
But it was a fancy one no doubt.
Those little flavorful balls did give it a nice crunchy burst of flavour touch.

After devouring all this yumminess, and endless cups of tea on my part, I would say that I actually was rather full after everything.

It was the whole process of it all.

The slow eating, the drinking.
And of course, the good conversations during the entire process.

Plus the whole good fifteen minutes in taking all the photos.

 I've come to appreciate High Teas.
It's all about the ambience, the company, the process and the conversations.
If everything fits, you're gonna have an awesome time,

Well, I mean for guys, High Tea isn't usually something that is appealing.
A High Tea Buffet perhaps?
With more meat?

Now that would work.

All in all, we left very full and very happy.
Which is a good thing.

I give it 4/5 Stars.

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