It's been a long 2012.
An even longer 2013.

And now, it's already 2014.

Sorry I've been away for so long.

Saying time passes by fast is really an understatement. Purely an understatement.

A lot has changed.
Life has changed.

Life has lotsa lessons to teach those riding it's waves. And I for sure have had the turbulent waves and the calm currents. And I am deniably grateful for it, as much as I can deny and argue about it.

Well of course I ain't the same ol' Gaijin I was with the last post here. So much has changed. Like they always say, the only constant in life, is CHANGE.

The biggest change right now of course, is National Service.
Never was, never am, never will be a fan of it.

I went into NS with absolutely no expectations, no dreams or with any promises. 
Nor did I intend to come out a Gladiator.
But what I have gained, are the wonderful friends I've made along the way. Nothing can beat that.

Life now is the continual process of booking in on a Sunday, waiting impatiently and wasting my life away till Friday. Book out and live life till the whole damn process repeats itself.

I remember the day Instagram came out. And I laughed at the idea. Same with Tumblr and Twitter. 
And now, they're where my world lies now.

I'm sorry RockMyCore. 
Trying to find the time to sit down and type things out is so hard for an NS boy. 
I'm rarely at home in the first place.

But I promise I'll be back on regular basis.

Well it's not like my life is so full of adventures anyway.

But then again...

I am Gaijin.

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