Yo my re gan mian.

That was fast. A week has already passed.

Damn. Soon I'll be saying that 4 months was fast.

We even celebrated Xiao Gang's birthday!

Work has officially started.
Official as in desk and chair and everything.
I even got a plant :D

Okay, camera's are strictly prohibited but sssssh yeah?
Therefore the kinda quick take shots.

Needa spruce up the place soon.

Make it more GAIJIN.
I have so much space you have no idea!

My colleagues are all friendly and funny. 
They don't dare face me in person to speak, so everything is done on MSN.
Quite cool actually.

I would say karma does kinda exist.
Or what goes around comes around shit.
My FYP sucked balls on planet dick when I had it.
I got the worst/heartless lab, managers, supervisors, lecturers whatever.
It was deplorable, unprofessional and just not standardized.

NYP has a lot of catching up to do.
They just gotta stop being so profit orientated and actually care for their students..

Okay better stop. 
Who knows my blog would have been put on STOMP.

Well, I would say I have settled down already. Life's getting kinda normal.

The best part for me, is waking up to weather like this.
It's the bomb really.
Anyone who knows Gaijin will know that I would rather live in cold than to perspire like a pig constantly.

It's damn weird. 
Over here, every single day since I landed, I've been waking up at 6ish sharp.
Like automatically, and boom I'm roaming the apartment, getting breakfast and stuff.
Except weekends.

Now our daily lives are leave home at 8am sharp, catch the bus to work, get breakfast if hungry and off to work.
Well, that's our weekdays.
Quite straight forward actually.
Kinda got boring already.
Needa find more shit to do and places to go.

The food here in Wuhan is just awesome.
Well, mainly cause it's cheap...A BIG TURN ON.

But yeah. 
Most of the food here is somewhat spicy, cause of the dried chilies and peppers they use, which makes me their number one fan.
And it's a good thing I eat anything!
Which reminds me, I had some kind of meat during lunch and I had no idea what it was.
Well, it tasted okay..so no issues yeah.
As long as it tastes good and no one tells you, just eat it yeah?

Rice here is amazingly free flow.
Like seriously.
Cause well maybe cause everything is grown here....unlike Singapore.
So they can afford it.

I would say my favourite dish so far, and I'm sure many will agree is Re Gan Mian.

It was the first thing I ate when I got here and it's still something I eat the most!
It's famous all over these parts and boy is it good and filling.

Practically, it's just noodles that have been soaked in oil or something.
Then thrown into hot water and briefly shaken to remove most of the moisture and thrown into a bowl.
Then sesame paste/extremely nutty watery tahini is poured in.
Followed by pickled radishes, garlic, chives and spring onions.
Lastly, awesome chili oil.
Mix everything up and gobble it down.

It's perfection I tell you.
It's so good on a chilly morning and it really gets you going.

Add cilantro and vinegar and BOOM!
Even better.

This is the most common/basic type.
Apparently there's more.
But I'm happy with this.

Well also because I haven't gone round much and found any others! HAHA!

Oh by the way, Alex and I have started a food blog!
Just started!
But damn the untimely time to go on overseas attachment.
We can't do any blogposts together.

So most of my food photos would be there with more in depth detailing.
I can't wait for us to do posts together!
But from now till August we'll be going solo.

Damn...every time the word solo comes, that bloody song from Jason Derulo just keeps going on and on in my head.

Check it out!
The Gastronomic Crumble !

Food oh food.
Always comforts the soul no matter what the occasion.

And we finally got the stove working! 
And I cooked our very first simple meal!


Yeah I know it's instant noodles and sausages.
But it's first cook out so chill bitches.

And oh did I mention we got a pet?
A terrapin!

Her name is Aleesha!

You must say it like you from da hood you know.



Isn't she the cutest thing?

We visited Wuchang and Hankou  over the weekends.
The crazy Hu Bu Xiang and Jianghan Street!
The shopping and the food!
Oh my lord.

Will update more in the next post yo!

I'm dead beat today.
Went to play badminton with the colleagues.

I miss dancing.
I feel so unhealthy already.

But till then you all!

God bless!

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