I would castrate a bull I swear.

It is February!
It just felt like yesterday that 2012 has started.
And February means...

...that them bloody exams are coming!

You know, I have been rather blessed for my one and a half years in NYP to only have one set of Common Tests and then just hardcore studying for the exams.
Apparently, this semester isn't that much of a blessing.
Besides the constant troubles of le CCA and other stuff, and the already first round of Common Tests, I have another round Common Tests.
A very first.
I got bloody five of them.
And they are ALL next week.
And I have not started studying.
Oh wait, I haven't even bought the lecture notes yet!

Am I just awesome?!

I've always wondered what it'll be like to study something that I like/love/am totally fine racking my brains about.
It's physically tiring and mind draining forcing yourself to study something that feels of no importance to you at all.
The joy of attaining knowledge is sucked dry by the fact of unhappiness.

So God bless my soul for my five tests and my exams right after that.

February is gonna be hot as hell I can tell you that.
I just can't wait for March to ring on in.

It is kinda daunting to know that in just a month, I would have completed two years in NYP.
Now how did all that time pass by?

Being in NYP has been a joy.
Yes it has been a hell of a roller coaster ride too.
The friends I have made. the things I have done, can never be replaced.
But boy oh boy did two years pass by fast.
But then again, I've always wondered what it would be like to not have two jobs and a CCA.
I've always wanted to know how it feels to really be just a FULL TIME STUDENT.
Like no commitments to your CCA, just deal with school work and no other worries.
Or being in school when all your classmates go home!

Even though, I wish things would have changed, I wouldn't go back and change a damn thing.
Cause the shit I learned and gone through, would stay with me forever.
ACTUALLY...I do wish I had left when the time was right.

But heh, what the hell yeah?

Life goes on and you just make the best of it yeah?

I love my classmates.
The pass two years wouldn't be the same without them!
Like today, we had a bloody three hour programming make up.
I fucking hate programming by the way.
I would rather castrate a raging bull while in the air.
And the best we could do, was take these awesome pictures!

So wish me all the love you got people!
Cause I need it for this month!

And then I'm outta here!!

And for you.
I don't care.
You are everything you claim you not.
So this is for you.

Enjoy the artistic works of my half cousin...


Love ya'll!

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