September 12th, Monday, 12:56am

So how long has it been huh.
A whole month since my last post.
It honestly felt longer.

Well, I don't really know what happened during that long draft period.
It was all the school, work, CCA, exams fiasco.
I was stressed, angry, tried and pissed all at the same time.

Oh well.
How time flies.
The exams are over!
The holidays are here!
Class chalet is done!
And I rested enough for the holidays already.

Which is not that very perfect.
Pre- polyforum starts later.
And it lasts for a week.
And then the retreat in Desaru.

I don't know.
Not as ecstatic as I should be about this.
But then again, I'll just make every full use of it.
Like I always do.

Tomorrow is the Amazing Race thingy.
I sure hope I don't need to run like wildfire.

Anyways, I shall be here more often now.
These holidays, I'm going to just get the best out of it.
Work as much as I can.
And play as hard.

I'm going to just do all the things I love to do.
Meeting up with people, cooking and just enjoying myself.
Okay, enjoying myself is not a good way to put it.
Enjoy my own company!
<i>That's more like it</i>

In the process of renovating RockMyCore now.
And renovating myself too.

We all need a good fix up now and then.
Don't you think?

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