To start,I am damn angry.
Very angry,damn frustrated.
Sometimes I just don't know what to do or say,because whatever I do or say isn't going to change a thing.
It's complicated.
It always is.
That's just the way it goes.

I've given up already.
When I look back at how life has been over the past five years,I don't know whether to be overly joyful or jump down twelve floors (figurative speech only).
I know there is nothing I can do now,to alter anything.
But the feeling of helplessness just overwhelms me every time.
I can't help but have that very feeling at every single thing I see or am around with.
The feeling of inadequacy,of uselessness and sadness.
I can't get around the idea too that I never wanted any of this.I can't fathom the fact that all this supposedly was forced unto me for a reason.And it irks me even more that people actually think that all this is are blessings in disguise?!

If that's case I want no more blessings.Cause they are driving me to my doom.

I am so stressed!
Plus it's EXAM TIME!

I've always tried being strong in times of all my countless helplessness.
But I don't know.
Sometimes the feeling just overwhelms you.
Like in times like this,which results in this post.

I wonder how long I can keep up this happy outlook on life when it's crumbling down at every corner.
I have no choice anyways!
That's the helplessness kicking in again!

Lets put negativity aside awhile and talk about something else yeah?
Well,work over the weekend was good.
NDP Rally.

You will never know the kind of people that are there man.
I am speechless!
But it was fun working there!
Even though I was half dead in class on Monday.

Talking about class,I can't go for an IA.
Another angry point.
Because I am going Hong Kong.
I would rather go for something which gives me money than uses up money!
I know the opportunity and all that bullshit crap is good,but I am NOT financially stable.
So it sucks.
And I am stuck with FYP.
Not that it's bad,but I would rather have an IA.

Well,on the other aspects of life,I've been trying to go healthy..for whatever I try to put in that big mouth of mine.
It's a step in the right direction.
What you are looking at is my breakfast/lunch or probably dinner.

Oh and the water cooler broke in school today.
Like wow.

And I can't wait to get this hay bush on my head!

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