So tell me,what would you do when there is nothing else you could do?
And nothing else to say, when all you can say is just those same old angry lines over and over again.

I keep wondering,if everything that happens, is God's wonderful purpose and blessings,then I don't want anymore blessings or wonderful purposes because it's just driving me crazy and I'm losing my mind.

I will stick to my promises.
No relationships of any kind.
From the eternal ones to the "I don't really give a bloody shit" kind.
It sucks doesn't it.
But trust me it's better off.

Okay enough of all this mushy emotional shit.
Some people say my blog is rather boring and too intellectual.
Cause I am extremely critical and very opinionated,and extremely harsh went it comes to my comments,so I rather not blog about what I think as to not offend certain people who seriously cannot take criticism or who are super patriotic or just plain stupid.
I can be very harsh,and yes I am most of the time.
It's a bad thing.
Let me rephrase.
I didn't use to be.But now I am,so get over it.
I don't really like sugar coating.
Tactful I am,depending on the situation.
Like in cases of work,teachers,and close people.
Other than that,don't expect me to be "oh so filled with joy" when you come to me talking bullshit because I will slap it back in your face.

Back to the me being harsh part.
I was always nice.
Always saying yes.Always trying to help.
Always bloody supportive and lenient.
Until I realized nobody give's shit about you.
And please,CHRISTIANS are most probably in the highest percentage of that lot.
Sad case isn't it.
So there is no use going being nice all the time.
And in this sad world,you are all that you have to survive.
Only you have you to defend yourself.
Because no one will help you forever.
Tell me I am lying then if I'm wrong.
So start being with yourself more.
Stop putting hope in people.People will fail you and leave you in the shit.
Because to them,you got into it yourself.
Kindness is never payed back in kindness mind you.
So get over it.

This week has been quite fruitful.
Getting A for something is so refreshing!
Fruitful in a way, as hard work always pays off.
Staying up DAMN LATE for nights at an end always pays off.
So its two As or an A and a B.
I feel good.

And I decided to make my room look like a nicer place to live in.
Went to Ikea on Tuesdays with Phebe and Darren.

Bought my shelf!
I love Ikea! It's good cause someone like me can afford it!
HAHA! Fugarative.
And they got good furniture also.Hehe.

I have this huge pile of clutter behind my door,full of bags,boxes and shoes.
So,keeping in mind that I need to start growing up in terms of room keeping, something needed to be done.
I love redecorating.
Gets my mind off things.
It's very relaxing in a sense.
Therapeutic,just like fish.

From this...

to this...

and this...

to this..

It still looks damn cluttered.
But it's exam time.
So I can't waste my time doing interior designing.
So the holidays this time round is gonna be MAKING MY ROOM A LIVABLE PLACE TO LIVE IN!

It would be good if money grows on trees yeah?

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