Well,everyone,I am now 18 years old.
I don't seem very excited now do I.
A part of me is thrilled,ecstatic and so freaked and pumped up that I'm 18! But then,another part of me is so sober and solemn about it,that it is kinda worrying me.It's like telling me that now,its not the time to go crazy and do stuff M18,but it's time to grow and be wiser,because now you are a MAN,and also treated and looked as one.So if I do anything wrong,I will be treated like a MAN.Yeah,I'm a man.

Okay,enough over my thoughts,I am 18! Celebrated with not good sleep.Worked on the eve,so my first few minutes of being a man was on the train.The calls and smses didnt stop till 2am,or when I silenced the phone.Didn't know 18 was such a powerful number.
Woke up to the beautiful sound of Amy Winehouse singing Rehab.Trust me,its refreshing to hear that when you wake up on your birthday.So rushed down to meet the brothers,cause I woke up at 11 and we were supposed to meet at 12.We had Seoul Garden! We had so much fun eating,people around really must have thought we were all SIAO.During the window shopping expedition,I fell in love with this coat Zara had.Its knee lengthed and totally not suited for Singapore,but I just love it! But then again it costs 300 over bucks.Also fell in love with Topman's blazer! Beautiful! But also way over my budget.After that had dinner withfamily at Sizzler.
Well,thats it.I am so wasted now.No idea why.Maybe its the you are a man now,act like one! syndrome.

Yeah,I need a blog overhaul.Help Help HELP!!

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