My blog needs a makeover.A new sophisticated look.No more incomplete css and html here and there.I want a top-notch but yet simple and personal layout.Must ask Pearle for help.

Why must the Government increase the cost of public transport? Its not like the oil price is going over our heads. Its already expensive as it is.Plus,its so horrible! Service is so poor! The bus I take to school in from one side of Yishun to the other already gives me a headache.Lets take my every morning woe for instance,I have class at 8am.When I first started,I would leave my home at 730,well because it doesnt take long to reach the other corner of Yishun.Bad enough,on my first day,I waited so long for that bloody bus,that I had to take a cab.The bus takes so long to come!A bus circling a district doesnt need to take so long! There was once I waited for almost an hour for that bloody bus,and then,3 bloody busses sashayed in! Busses are dirty,the air-conditioning is non-existent.Trains well nothing much there.They're good.Its just the increase in fees.Why should people who drive cars to work everyday tell us to pay more for transport they dont even take? If we can afford cars,why would we take public transport? Everything increase! For no excuse also increase.What next? Bicycle also must pay ERP.Sheesh.

Well,decided to get my photoblog up and running again.So the next time I take some pics,they are going there.

I want a TravelMate.

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