Week 1 down.

So this marks the end of my first week in NYP.

How time flies.
And this week felt like I just finished an entire semester.

Aye, with Calculus and Physics, I am now in STUDY mode.
Or so.

Either way, I am just so ecstaric to start this new journey in life.
Another 3 years of bliss and pain.
Oh how exciting!

Roger that, I joined Campus Crusade.
I also joined Ballroom Dancing!
Cool man!

And PHEW, I actually passed them auditions.

And I love my new class!

Great people!

This was the first meal I had in NYP.

Sadly, I found something cheaper.

And tonight, we watched Chicago at Yeh's (awesome) place and I had more than 4 hours of gaming.
Personal achievement.

What a way to end the week.
I feel so blessed.

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