Look what else I found!!!

Look at me!
Okay,I know I was I think 12 or 13.
That's Menaka Bapuji.
Yes I remember.
I still had my braces on!
Funky short hair.

The occasion?
Check out the first ever Subway opening in the whole capital of Tamil Nadu.
I had tuna!

I enjoyed those times.
Braces were the starting trend then.
Life was easy.

I guess thats's about it about my past pictures.
I can't get anymore.
My hard disk SPOILED!
Thats like 20 gb worth of past pictures all the way from India to my early Singapore life.
It really sucks.

Now,I am actually supposed to be at Comex.
I feel I am too nice all the time.
And I should learn to say NO often.
Anyways,back to Comex.
I am getting a camera,
And a new hard disk.
Finally,a need to keep memories.

It sucks that I can't retrieve the rest.

Is there anyone who can help me?!

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