This is Anastassha and Emanuel.
I totally forgot Anastassha was celebrating her birthday at my home.Blame it on stress.So I rushed down halfway through another birthday party at Novena.Sorry Guys.
But it was all worth it.They made me run all over the place,so I already had my jog today.They love my fish! Which is cool for little kids.Except that they wanted to put one in a pot and wanted to eat the other.They have overrun my room leaving nothing untouched.All my belongings have been touched! They bounced my swiss ball everywhere almost knocking down a couple of stuff.She loved my KungFu Panda Poh! They were so hyperactive.Laughing non stop! Jumping around non stop.Life is so carefree for them..
I wanna have kids ASAP! I'll be 18 next month! Legal! I wanna have kids! Well since my parents said no for another sibling.So I want to have kids as soon as possible.
All right,I just sneezed 12 times in a row.Time to go.Before my brains blow up.

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